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The Problems With Unlined Chimney Flues

What is a liner, and why do I need one? That’s a common question I hear. Briefly, a liner is placed within a chimney to guide the noxious and caustic by-products of combustion out of your home as smoothly as possible without interacting with the brickwork of the...

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Your Fireplace is not for Heat!

Some hard truths here, folks. Your fireplace is not a heat source. In fact, your fireplace costs you money every time you use it. An open, masonry fireplace consumes 200-600 cubic feet of air per minute to function. Over the course of an evening, it may use all the...

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Why Do You Charge for Inspections?

“Aren’t you just looking at it?” That’s what I hear from customers when I tell them I have a small fee for my initial inspection. Well, the short answer is yes. When I’m performing a Level One inspection, I am ‘just looking at it’. That’s NFPA211’s definition of a...

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How Often Should I Have My Chimney Swept?

That’s a trickier question than you think it is. NFPA211, the standard for our industry, says that all flues should be inspected annually and cleaned* as needed. That’s a great idea and fantastic job security for chimney sweeps, but not always realistic for everyone....

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