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Why are Chimney Sweeps Lucky?

Legend has it that in the year 1066 (approximately) King William of Britain was saved by a chimney sweep, who pushed him out of the way of a runaway horse and carriage.  As a reward, the king invited the chimney sweep to his daughter’s wedding.  Ever since it...

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How to Find a Good Chimney Sweep — PART ONE

Let’s face facts. Chimney Sweeping is still a largely unlicensed and unregulated industry. How do you know who to trust? How can you be sure the sweep you invite into your house knows what he’s doing, or isn’t going to rip you off? In short, how do you find a good...

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How to Find a Good Chimney Sweep — PART TWO

In my last post, we talked about how to find a good chimney sweep to hire in your area. Now that you’ve found one, what happens when they get to your house? What can you look for when he (or she, although female sweeps are still pretty rare) shows up to work? How can...

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How Did You Become A Chimney Sweep?

It’s a question I’m often asked. “How did you get into this, what made you become a chimney sweep?” The quick, fast answer is “unemployment” followed by a chuckle. Of all the professional sweeps I’ve met over the years, I don’t think any of them woke up one day and...

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Beware of Chimney Scams

Here’s something most homeowners don’t know–the chimney sweeping industry is largely unregulated and unlicensed. Although standards have certainly become better in the last few years, we are still a group of contractors that are mostly “under the...

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The Three Levels of Chimney Inspection

Do you think chimney sweeping and inspection is guesswork? Do you wonder what your sweep is looking for when he stares up into your flue? Do you ask what you’re paying for when you ask someone to inspect your chimney? NFPA211 (our standard for fireplaces and...

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